2500hp 427 Lsx built by LME Short Block: GM Lsx block dry decked O-ringed inch ARP head studs ARP main studs Callies magnum 8cw 4.0 stroke crank Dyres 300m billet rods with 735a rod bolts Diamond custom gas ported pistons for FI Trend M2 tool steel .200 wall wrist pins Cylinder Heads: All Pro Ls7 12-1 heads Victory titanium intake valves Rev Inconel exhaust valves Pac valve springs Crower shaft...
New Retail:$25.00 -Self-adhesive Tape -Measures 2"W x 15' L -Prevents slips and falls Pick-up location: Sienna Plantation *Cross posted
Hey guys, I have 2 of these switch panels available. These are the GOOD ones, which are metal as opposed to plastic, and no longer available from Lotus. Price is $110 each shipped anywhere in the CONUS, paid as money to friends/family or $114 paid as normal. And what it looks like in the car.


Chevy silverdo back bumper
Belonged to my 2013 mazda cx5 I sold no longer need it. You can reprogram these
Hey guys, I have 3 of these available. They are OEM, so vastly better quality than all the others out there. The construction of the decal is one piece, not layered, very thick, and made to resist fading. I don't believe these are available from the dealer anymore, but Gator can correct me on that if I'm wrong. $75 shipped anywhere in the CONUS. . Payment is via PayPal as money to friends/famil...
$75 plus postage, lots of tail light parts, repro
New Retail:$20.00 -Special stitching technique enables side airbag deployment - officially tested! -Concealed velcro opening and adjustable straps make installation, removal, and reattachment a breeze -Back of bucket covers made of durable stretchy fabric with pocket for easy storage -Engineered to accommodate traditional and heated seats -Compatible with removable headrests only Pick-up locati...
Selling Mopar engines and transmission. 1. Complete 440, which will need rebuild 2. 383 block and heads 3. Complete 340 (1972), which will need rebuild and 727 transmission (for small block), which was rebuilt roughly 7 years ago but never ran. I suggest opening up to check seals. Don't want to separate and want to sell as a lot. Email inquiries to [email protected]. Must come pick up in NW Hou...
Body Type: Full-Size, Vehicle Story: Lexus ES330 2006 Transmission @ 599$ (Price Negotiable)
Body Type: Full-Size, Vehicle Story: Honda Odyssey 2002 Transmission @ 349$ (Price Negotiable)
Body Type: Full-Size, Vehicle Story: Lexus ES350 2007 3.5L Hybrid 6 Cylinder Engine Motor @ 1199$ (Price Negotiable)
Body Type: Full-Size, Vehicle Story: Lexus IS250 2008 Transmission @ 399$ (Price Negotiable)
Body Type: Full-Size, Vehicle Story: Infiniti Q50 3.7L Automatic Turbo 2015 Transmission @ 599$ (Price Negotiable)
Body Type: Sedan, Engine: 3.5L, Transmission: Auto, Wheel Size: 18', Fuel: Gasoline, Drive System: FWD, Color: Gray, Vehicle Story: 2012 MAXIMA, 3.5 FWD
New Retail:$100.00 Three items ($60.00 each) -Treadware Warranty: 50,000 Mile -Tire Type: P, SUV, Truck, All Terrain -Sidewall: Black Sidewall(BSW) -Size: 245/65R17 -Speeding Rate: T -Type: Radial -Load Index:105 Pick-up location: Sienna Plantation *Cross posted
New Retail:$165 Tire Width 215 Tire Size 215/50R17 Tire Diameter 17 Inches Brand Michelin Vehicle Type Car Tire Season All Season Assembled Product Weight 20.52 lbs Tire Load Index 91 Dimensions (L x W x H) 25.50 x 25.50 x 8.90 Inches. Pick up location:Sienna Plantation **Cross posted